Menstruation, rest, and knowing our own energy
We come up with ways to take a mini-vacation
We’re here to welcome you to another year of courses, support, and blooming.
We work towards our goals with compassion, gentleness, and boundaries
We reflect on the start of 2022, cultivating hope, and exploring creative possibilities.
We commit to a year of ambition, goals, and loving our bodies exactly as they are.
We reflect on a whole year of Bloom.
Finding happiness and fun in ourselves and others
You get to tell us what we should do through strategy co-design workshops.
Making space for recovery and rest in an unrestful world
A warm welcome to the Bloom community for our August newsletter! Like what you read? Share it with your friends 🙌🏽 Access an audio version of this…
Access an audio version of this newsletter here. A warm hello to the Bloom community! This is our July newsletter for Bloom, written by Vesa, a Chayn…