Processing trauma, practising self-love and strengthening recovery

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Chayn is an award-winning feminist tech project helping survivors of abuse get the information & support needed.

Bloom is a free, web-based support service run by Chayn. Designed for anyone who is currently experiencing or has experienced gender-based violence, support is offered via 5 courses. Each one offers tailored tips, tricks, tools, and comforting words to our community. Working through a course will involve learning, reflecting, and processing how what we’ve experienced has affected us - in a safe and empowering space. All of the courses are delivered anonymously, within a group setting, and alongside other survivors via Telegram and WhatsApp.

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We want to leave you with a beautiful saying in Swahili:

Endelea kugonja vya mbali; vya karibu ulividharau sasa unaviona kwa umbali

“Pick something you can see even if it's small instead of choosing big things you cannot see”

The thought of recovery can be overwhelming when the pain runs deep but we can think about these two weeks as steps in the right direction, and the homework you do, as little seeds of hope you are laying in your garden of hope - waiting for them to grow and bloom.

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